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N95 Mask for hospital use. Currently in stock, please place an order in time if needed, because the daily price and inventory and delivery time are changing.

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Package info. BOX CTN Dimension GW / NW
20 20 62*29*34 6/5

Please note:

Usually 100,000 to 200,000 delivery time is 3 to 10 days or faster, but you need to place an order before you can calculate the actual delivery time.

If your order is in great demand, we suggest that you pay us in advance, we will help you to solve it in batches or one-time delivery, and we cannot solve it in other ways.

There are many masks on the market that bear our labels and packaging. We cannot confirm their authenticity. Please identify them yourself.

Currently the N95 masks are in circulation, and the prices are relatively expensive. If you encounter anything below this price, please be careful.

At present, our factory is producing large orders, and the delivery date has been scheduled to the end of May. If your quantity is large, short-term delivery is impossible. Except through government channels.

At present, our factory is still under control. Therefore, we are not allowed to directly sell masks in-house. We can only resell them through agents or customers.

If you don't know Dasheng Mask before, please do some research. We're the leading mask manufacturer can meet different market standards in China.

For FDA 510k information, check here: FDA Link

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